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DX79SR Channels A&B not working (dead memory slots??)

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Hi, on my last trip to US I bought a DX79SR. I installed it with 64gb of ram but only 32gb are recognized: at the BIOS I can read "no memory installed" for channels A&B.

My config is:

Intel i7 3930K

Intel DX79SR

64gb Kingston Hyperx Blu 1600MHz (8x8)

2x SSD

2x HDD (Sata II)

Seasonic x850 Gold

What I've already tried:

- Swapping the memories (all of them are working on channel C&D).

- Updated BIOS to last version.

- Clearing CMOS (jumper in configuration mode, battery out... should I do something else?).

- Loosen CPU Cooler (Noctua DH14).

I think that's all... any ideas? I fear the slots are dead... Unfortunatly I'm from Argentina so I cannot send the motherboard back. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Juan F.

PS: I've already contacted Intel support... they didn't give any solutions, they are supposed to contact me back.

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Hello Juan,

To ensure compatibility please let us know the part number for the memory you are using. We also recommend checking your warranty options since you have covered most of the troubleshooting for this kind of issue. Centro de asistencia al cliente de Latinoamérica