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DX79SR RAID 0 Windows 7 Installation

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I am having a major problem trying to install a Windows 7 x64 on a RAID 0 configuration on the SATA 6GBps ports. I have changed the options in the BIOS to RAID, I have set up the RAID 0 config using CTRL+i. I am using 2 Samsung 840 250GB SSD's. When I try to install Windows 7 it tells me "Required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing." Someone on another forum says that this is really a SATA driver. I have no idea where to go from here or what the fix is. I have been searching and trying for hours to no avail. Can anyone here help me?

Specs are:

Intel DX79SR board

Intel Core i7 3820

16GB g.skill DDR3 1600MHz in Quad Channel

2 Samsung 840 250 GB SSD's both with the latest Firmware

Windows 7 Ultimate X64 Retail

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I would also like to note I first installed Windows 7 on a single 120GB SSD just so I could get the firmware updated on the pre-RAID drives (Can't do it after RAID). Now with RAID enabled and having essentially 2 drives (The RAID and the 120GB Drive) Windows 7 will not boot at all. it acts like it is starting up, and then a quick BSOD comes up and the computer reboots. If I change the BIOS back to AHCI it will boot fine, but Windows shows the RAID drive as not being intialized.

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The Intel Rapid Storage Enterprise drivers are not included within Windows 7, therefore you have to add them during installation. AHCI is functional since Windows 7 contains a default driver for AHCI controllers (msahci.sys).

Depending on which port your optical drive is plugged into, you may also need the Marvell 6G SATA driver (gray ports).

The latest Intel RSTe drivers are

Download the, and extract its contents to a USB flash drive or similar. Once you are ready to add the driver during installation, point it to the "\iaStorA.inf" on your flash drive. At this point, whatever is plugged into the Blue and Black SATA ports set for RAID should be seen.

If you're still prompted for drivers, add the Marvell driver as well:

Extract the contents of to a USB flash drive and add:




When the Windows 7 installation completes, you can install the Intel Chipset package then the Intel RSTe IATA_CD.exe located in the link above.

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I did try the first step and used that driver "\iaStorA.inf"

Windows did not complete installation.

I tried to do an image restore and that worked. I am up and running but I don't know if it is stable or if my performance is up to par. I want to do a fresh install but it's just not going to work it seems.