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DX79SR - can I use PCI Slot 6 (closest to CPU) for a RAID controller? Or is it reserved for video only?

PCI_Hi all.

The title mostly says it. Can I use PCI Slot # 6 (closest to CPU) for a RAID controller? Or is it reserved for video use only? My PCI-3 video card takes up 2 slots which covers the adjoining slot and I would like to use the PCI-2 slot # 5 (second from CPU) for a sound card. I do not need the PCI connector at slot # 3. If I place my LSI RAID PCI-3 controller in slot # 6 and my video card in # 4, I have access to the 5 slots I need. Top to bottom: Raid controller, sound, video, video capture, and USB-3 expander.

Thanks. Cal

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Sure you can.

I have the same board & in the manual it says to use the slot in question for optimal video performance. However, I have tried to move my video card & it worked in all three slots.

If optimal video gaming &/or rendering is not your goal then you can.

For performance reasons, keep an eye as to what PCI Gen. the video card will run on that specified PCI slot.

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Thanks. That is what I hoped. I am building a workstation for photo editing and video is not a bottle neck. I do a limited amount of surface rendering and 3D work with AutoCAD but theae are drawings that I am flipping around not motions as in games. SLR image image editing is my main use.