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DX79SR hang at 5A - more developments

Following on from my /message/164266# 164266 other hang at 5A thread regarding this issue, I have stumbled across other combinations that also hang at 5A that do not involve a usb hdd or the DiNovo k/b - mouse dongle. In fact in these combinations, a usb hdd stops the hang.

I've been using a Digitech xc5146 hard wired usb k/b, a logitech v220 wireless mouse with matching c-uay59 dongle and usb sd/mmc card reader model ac- 6000

All three must be plugged to particular rear i/o usb2 ports.

Removing any one of the items = no hang

Adding a usb hdd to another rear usb2 port = no hang

The arrangements that cause a hang are:

lan and 1394 are only included as reference to the port arrangement, nothing is connected to them.

'Hub' is the card reader

'Mouse' is the c-uay59 dongle

lan 1394 lan

hub - -

k/b mouse -

lan 1394 lan

k/b - -

hub mouse -

lan 1394 lan

k/b - -

mouse hub -

other arrangements that also hung were as per above but using the ports under the r/h lan port, e.g. as per below

lan 1394 lan

- - k/b

- hub mouse

or using the upper middle port e.g. as per below

lan 1394 lan

- hub k/b

- - mouse

Whilst I have not tested all possible combinations [I'd be there forever!!] it did seem that any other combination did not hang.

Hoping this might help Intel hunt down the culprit!

Intel - you should offer a bounty for information that leads to the arrest of a bug, then the whole world is your RnD lab!! [I'm serious!!]

edit: the dongle for the DiNovo wireless keyboard/mouse is a c-uv35

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Community Manager

Hello again Rob,

I recommend you to keep your finding in one thread as if they are escalated, the department in charge will not search for all the threads that there created to get the information. If the issue is being discussed on another thread that you created, please keep using it.


Community Manager

Hi PV, have copied the first post here into the original thread, so this one can be deleted.