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DX79TO Will Light Up but Will Not Power On


My DX79TO motherboard was working fine and then the cpu just shut off for no reason. Now the CPU will not turn on. The CPU fan, nor any of the devices will react to me pressing the power button on. The lights on the motherboard do light up on the inside, including the Ethernet when connected to the modem. The power button and reset button are lit and so is a green light beside the power button lit. It looks like the green light is over the standby. I have no clue what happened.

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Thanks for coming back to the community.

I understand the computer does not boot anymore, it was working and all of the sudden the CPU just shut off.

There seems to be motherboard, processor or memory issue.

I recommend following some troubleshooting tips available at the link below; it will help you determine what went wrong with your computer.

If you need further information or warranty service, please do not hesitate to contact Intel support at: