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DZ68BC Attempting to install 3TB Boot Drive

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Never had a problem with computer before this. Enabled UEFI and installed Win7 (64). The Express Driver Installer gives message "No available disk space". Am abel to load drivers with setup.exe from their folders.

Any version of the video driver causes crash at reboot after it's install except V.3071 which gives message "This computer does not meet minimum requirements" and does not install. With Microsoft's Update driver one actually gets to see the blue screen for about a second.

Installed are i3-2120T 35W processor and 4GB Ram in two sticks.

I have tried reinstalls with the drive plugged in a SATA II Port with both AHCI and IDE Modes, even with all the latest drivers and updates with the video driver last, and nothing changed.

I installed an old MSI NX6600GT video card and disabled the onboard video, and with Microsoft's update driver this works, but is not an accecptable solution as this is a Personal Video Recorder/Player purposly built for minimum fan noise. I don't even want two drives heating the case.

So for now I am using the computer with a nearly full 1TB Drive.

I'm pretty sure Iintel needs to provide this fix.



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Hi James,

We understand that you are using the Intel® desktop board DZ68BC, and it doesn't boot using a 3 TB drive.

In order to use a 3 TB drive as bootable drive, you will need to set up a GPT disk. The GUID Partition Table (GPT) was introduced as part of the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) initiative. GPT provides a more flexible mechanism for partitioning disks than the older Master Boot Record (MBR) partitioning scheme that was common to PCs.

You will need to use a third party tool to create a GPT partition, right after that you can go ahead and install the operating system as normal.