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DZ68BC BIOS hangs when saving bios settings

New Contributor III

For some unknown reason my BIOS has started to freeze when selecting the option "save and exit".

board = DZ68BC

BIOS version = 0039 (also observed effect with 0037)

I have tried to set the jumper to configure mode, reloading the 'default bios' settings, changeing the order of the memory modules.

The POST code on the board shows 0D when it hangs.

Any solution available?

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Valued Contributor I

Post code shows 0D i thought OD (Overdose). The DZ68BC and the 003x BIOS issues the board seems to overdose on all kinds of issues.

003x BIOSes are bad for the DZ68BC, i have same Board currently on BIOS 0039 and Intel Management Engine issue & PCH 0.0 issue still exists, still hopping for a fixed BIOS maybe BIOS 0040 will be our savior plus i hope it will be VISUAL BIOS just to make us DZ68BC users happy for the shit Intel has put us through with the 003x BIOSes

I updated to the 003x BIOS coz i was getting Ivy Bridge as soon as they come out I currently run i7-3770 on the DZ68BC but with the issues i have mentioned among others, but i have my own work around that work for me. But i still wont a permanently fixed BIOS from Intel.

I've been looking into fixing the BIOS my self just haven't found a way to read the BIOS edit it recompile it and finally flash it into the board. So far I can get Latest Bios from Intel Website, Don't have a tool to expose the whole BIOS code, I know how to flash it in the Board.