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DZ68BC Bios Stability Issues Fixed


Ever since I updated my bios from 0028 to anything newer the board has been unusable.

Random reboots, no video, no post, no stability, no ME Management ver. displayed in bios. Just plain garbage.

The board worked flawless before the update, and Intel won't let anyone go back to 0028.

I read in another post about the memory slots being changed in the bios beginning with bios 0035.

Sure enough it looks like the black slots are the primary slots. Both black slots are slot 0 and both the blue slots are slot1.

The bios from version 0035 and higher REQUIRE a memory module in slot 0, the first black one closest to the CPU.

This cured everything about the board!!! Even the overclocking problems with bios 0035.

I am currently running bios 0042 with absolutely no problems.

Here is my current setup:


Corsair Vengeance 1600 mhz. Two 8 gig sticks. Both in black slots.

Intel ME ver. shows in bios

Windows 7 Pro

All latest video and chipset drivers from Intel's web site.

DZ68BC DVI video port

Mildly overclocked to 4.2 Ghz

Hope this helps.

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The_Butcher, I really appreciate the time you took to share this information with us and all other users.

Thanks a lot


Hello, today I have the same problem of instability and much lag error .. I'm running version 0039 and according eh read failure and other forums in the BIOS 0042 and very bad ..

greetings and waiting even of the solution.


Hello, today I have the same problem of instability and much lag error .. I'm running version 0039 and according eh read failure and other forums in the BIOS 0042 and very bad ..

now I use a i5-3470

greetings and waiting even of the solution.

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I recommend clearing the CMOS. Clearing the CMOS memory can solve BIOS corruption, but causes you to lose all customized settings in the BIOS. You also need to reset date and time in the BIOS setup after clearing the CMOS.

Follow these steps to clear the CMOS:

  1. Turn off all peripheral devices connected to the computer. Disconnect the computer power cord from the AC power source.
  2. Remove the computer cover.
  3. Turn off the computer and disconnect AC power.
  4. Remove the battery located in the motherboard for at least half an hour.
  5. Remove the RAM, the video card if you have, hard drive and any other component install on the motherboard, all that for at least half an hour.
  6. Then place everything back on the PC including the battery and do a BIOS update.

You can do a BIOS update to the latest BIOS version 0042 by following these instructions:

And download the BIOS version at:


This latest Intel sent me:

Dear Mr. Carlos,

Good Morning,

Please contact the Technical Support Department of Intel.

We regret the inconvenience you have experienced with these products.

Please refer to the following web page so you can verify

the next information:

According to the information provided, your plate BOXED INTEL DESKTOP

DZ68BC BOARD EXTREME have the code **** **** AA G30742-401 this lot

manufacturing does not support the third generation processor

Intel, although the BIOS update is done the processor can not

It is recognized by the motherboard.

For such processors are compatible are required to have the

**** **** G30742-403 code AA or higher so they can function without

no problem.

On the system memory please refer to the following page

web so you can check the compatibility of his memoirs:


Note: As of June 27, 2014, Intel no longer provides

interactive for these products via telephone, email or


Intel no longer provides email, chat or via

phone support for this discontinued product.

Information about product support Intel web site is

provided for reference and subject to the "Terms of UseTerms of

use. "

Intel will not provide future software updates to attend

new operating systems or improve compatibility with

party devices and software products.

But I am now in the BIOS 0039 and by removing some options and I have three days of estabilidad .. and Intel Management values do not appear in and 7.00 and sample something.! also I have the RAM memory slot in some, not all use. and also how often I have in 1333, auque Corsair Dominator GT 2133 are

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I'm glad to hear that your system is working fine now, the memory configuration for this motherboard is either 1333MHz or 1600MHz, and you can see the memory types for this motherboard at: