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DZ68BC, Red light when psu is connected, no display, but will power up


Hi there, I'm new to the forums and have a decent knowledge base on computers. But still a bit of a noob. So bare with me. But I recently decided to build on a DZ68BC. The thing I heard is that when the power button on the motherboard is red, that something is incompatible with the motherboard. But my main question is, my computer powers on when plugged in and everything is hooked up, and even with a monitor connected, the computer is sending nothing through to the monitor. So is there something that I am missing or just haven't noticed? I know this board supports 2nd generation processors, so i have a i3-2100. And i also have connected to the computer is 3 hard drives. 2 500gb and one being a 1tb. Also I have the GTX 660. 1050 Watt Power Supply connected. DVD/CD drive connected. Sound blaster z sound card. And just all the fans and what not are connected as well. So I know that my issue isn't lack of power, but what could it be? And again i am a bit of a noob, so i apologize if i didn't use some type of proper terminology. Also I plan to update the bios so the motherboard can be compatible with the 3rd generation processor i also purchased. Thank you.

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I am really sorry to know about your issue.

Let's have a fresh start. As a best practice when building a new system, we usually suggest testing the motherboard out of case with minimum components; it could be installed on top of the cardboard in the meantime.

It is just ok (for now) if you have the motherboard already installed inside the case, we can just remove all extra components such as drives, graphics, sound card and cables from the (front panel) chassis, remember you have an onboard power button. The idea is to see if you get video directly from the motherboard with only the processor and one memory stick, remember the 2x4 power supply cable should be connected as well as 2x12.

If you still do not get video check if you get any beeps after removing the RAM, they should be three short beeps.

Regarding the red light, it is important to know which LED is red since this could indicate the specific cause for the issue. Please take a look into pages 43-44 of the Intel® DZ68BC Technical Product Specification.

The POST code display may also be of help: Desktop Boards; Port 80h POST codes

Once you get video you can start adding components, one at a time if needed.