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DZ68BC & Windows 8 Pro - Chipset Drivers Installation

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I recently did a fresh install of Windows 8 Pro on my DZ68BC and I cannot figure out if the latest chipset drivers for this motherboard are installing properly. After extracting the driver install program (which, by the way, takes almost a minute before it opens - usually it's instantaneous), clicking on setup brings up the install window for the chipset drivers but it doesn't seem like it does anything. I immediately get a message that the drivers are installed yet when I go into device manager, I can't find what drivers got updated. Most of them are showing the default MS drivers which are mostly dated 6/2006. The only device that gets updated is for the Intel 6 Series SMBus Controller (that one shows a driver date of 10/5/2012). Is that the only device that is suppose to get updated with the Intel Chipset Drivers?

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Windows 8 ships out of the box with up to date drivers (the hardware on your DZ68BC is older the Win8).

If you check the log file you will see that the installer detects that no new chipset drivers need to be installed.

For some components (USB) it is possible to update the .inf file. The Intel .inf has a higher version number. To do this expand the chipset installer (special command line option). Then in the Windows device manager select for example the USB enhanced host controller. Right click and Select update driver software. In the dialogbox select "browse my computer" and select the folder with the expanded chipset drivers. The device manager will check and update if the version is newer.

The only change I saw was that the driver date\driver version was updated to 10-9-2012 and The actual xxxx.sys driver files (can be seen with "driver details") are still from Microsoft.

The actual Intel driver files that will install updated binary files (compared to Win8) and provide extended functionality are:

- Intel Network driver (separate download)

- Intel Rapid Storage Technology (separate download)

- Intel Management Engine Interface (separate download)

- Intel CPU\GPU Video driver (if you use the GPU inside your CPU)

I didn't even install the realtek sound driver. It has more features (3D stero, etc) but also an ugly UI that replaces some of the Win8 audio UI).

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Thanks for the detailed response, I appreciate it. Well I guess I have everything updated then...I am loving Windows 8 Pro by the way. I wasn't so sure if I would like it after using it for a day but now that I have gotten used to it over the past week, it's exceeded my expectations. Now if we could just get a reliable BIOS update for the DZ68BC I'll be so happy! I currently have BIOS 028 installed and I am not going to update until we can get assurance that there will be no problems. The current BIOS versions, anything past 028, are all garbage!