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DZ68BC and disk throughput

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Has anyone here, particularly with WD drives, ever seen benchmarks for spinning drives come back with anything more than 125MB/s?

I have a WD Red 2TB, and based on numerous reviews and posts know for sure that people see about 150MB/s with it (not across the whole disk, of course), but mine is never over 125, which means that the overall average is lower too. I've tried many tests, including HD Tune, CrystalDiskMark, and DBAN (which is Linux-based). I even tried switching off a dark blue port to a black one (since SATA2 vs 3 shouldn't be the bottleneck), but same deal, 125. I've tried a different cable and safe mode and clean installs.

Quite odd, since my SSD isn't similarly limited. That would be a big problem. With the WD, it's more a curiosity. Wish I had another system to test with, but I don't.

How it looks in HD Tune:

How it should look: Western Digital Red 3TB & 1TB Hard Drives |

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Thank you. In this case, we would recommend contacting the hard drive manufacturer for accurate information and support.