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DZ68BC with BIOS 28 and having problems. Please, I need some help.

Hello Intel Team and experts here.

Well, I have a computer I made about 3 years ago with Intel DZ68BC with BIOS 28

Intel i7 2600k

Kingston memories 16 gigas ( I used the ones on the intel motherboard list )

Windows 7 PRO 64 bits.

SSD intel 510 series 120 gigas.

Power supply Corsair 850 w.

The fact is my computer never worked well. I spent a lot of money to buit it. The computer looks like wants to frozen all the time, sometimes when I'm typing text gives me the impression that fought for a second and then skips letters.

When I use simple 3D features, OMG, it is a caos, even using my AMD HD 7970.


Even the SIMPLE second life that works perfect on INTEL IRIS, it frozen in my system with a powerfull videoboard as 7970, the best before the R9s ones.

PLease, I need a solution.

WHAT IS the best BIOS for this motherboard? The one I HAVE? 39? the latest? PLease user, please Intel, Please experts, I really need a help. please. I am suffering with it.

What I need for this machine works better? Should I update the bios? there any BIOS stable and better then the BIOS 28 ??


I will use the same hardware I described
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So.... I will make the last test.

Tell me please, the steps to

1) remove the video card,

2) Install the correct intel graphic drivers to test it

3) I will see if the MOBO works without the videocard to discard the possibility of PCI xpress interface.

I will try to find here in this topic the post with the intel graphics.

Thank you again

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OK, N.Scott.Pearson, paramountain, cesbadil, mikec_intel and all INTEL team.

O followed the steps and I removed the AMD graphics card; I did in this ordem.

1) I unstalled the drivers.

2) Turned off the windows

3) Turned off the computer from the electricity

4) removed the PCI power

5) Removed from the computer.

SO I restart again the computer and inslalled the intel Graphics for 2nd Generation of Intel processor and restarted.

In the windows the screen started to blink in so many colors. ANd I restarted the computer in BIOS mode ( so, in the mode doesnt use any windows drive, it is the BIOS)


EVEN in BIOS mode the screen started to blinking too until crashes and everytime I start the computer is the same thing.

So... it is clear the problem is the MODO, i7 or the BIOS.

New Contributor I

So, I have no patiente for this problematic motherbord and I AM DECIDED a last try to fix it.

I will install the BIOS.

SO, which more reliable, stable bios who people here in this communities had good experiencies for this mother board?

37,39, 42? Another one?