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DZ68DB Fast Boot Video Optimization, can't boot w/SRT

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I've had a DZ68DB board with a 64GB SSD and a 1TB HDD installed since summer 2011. Until recently I used the SSD as a boot drive and the HDD as a data drive, always using Windows 7 x64. The drives were running in RAID although I did not have any arrays (RAID ready). I like a fast boot time and had all three optimizations enabled in BIOS under Boot, Fast Boot.

I got tired of juggling data between the two drives and yesterday finished reinstalling Win 7 x64 onto the HDD with the SSD now a cache drive using Smart Response Technology, Maximized mode. Acceleration seems to be working fine, not as fast as a plain SSD when booting up but applications load very quickly. So far, so good.

I had turned all optimizations off during the reinstall and I turned them back on. Couldn't boot, it appeared Windows couldn't find the operating system. By process of elimination, I determined that enabling Video Optimization prevents booting. When it's disabled, everything works normally. No issues with General or USB Optimizations enabled.

Additional info: Using latest drivers from Intel. Windows is fully updated. BIOS is latest 0043. CPU is i5-3570K, stock speed. Previous install was MBR mode with SSD on SATA III port 0 and HDD on port 1. Current install is UEFI/GPT mode with HDD on SATA III port 0 and SSD on port 1.

Suggestions welcome, in the meantime I'll keep Video Optimizations disabled.

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I just checked again to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong before. No change: enabling Video Optimization in the BIOS boot menu prevents booting. Disabling it allows normal booting. This is using SRT in UEFI/GPT mode, HDD on port 0 and SSD on port 1.

Is this ever going to be fixed or are 6 series boards too old for Intel to bother?