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DZ68DB Motherboard - NO BEEP!

Good morrow everyone,

I have bought a new desktopboard DZ68DB but when my system started up or when I reset my computer it does not make the classic beep. My system works perfectly, and I have 16GRAM kingston and intel i7 3770k.

How I could fix this issue?


I have read in forums that there is a few of desktopboard that they do not make a beep when our system starts or when we reset our system. Just do this beep for error memory, video or temperature. what do you know about this?
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It is indeed like that. I have the DZ68DB too, and there is no beep at all. That's true, there are Motherboards which do not make the classic beep tone in power on or reboot process. For me this is the second board that doesn't have any beep sound. The first one was a Gigabyte G41 chipset motherboard. So no worries my friend, your board is just fine. In fact I do prefer it this way. Without any disturbing beeps.