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DZ68DB board can see drives bigger than 2 TB?


I have a computer with a DZ68DB board.

My old data drive (D) was going bad so I bought a 5 TB Toshiba drive to replace it. I plugged it into an external caddy and formatted it to a single GPT partition. I copied over the data I needed and then powered down removed the bad drive and installed the new drive.

When I rebooted the BIOS sees the new drive but Windows, Disk Management, and Device Manager do not. It is Windows 7 system.

I switched the SATA cables between my boot (C) drive and the new drive to see if it was a bad cable or onboard controller. In each case, Windows sees the C drive so its not a cable issue. If I take the drive out and plug it into the USB-3 external caddy (EZ-Dock 2) it reads it fine. However, plugged in as an internal drive the system can't see it.

Is this board capable of seeing a drive greater than 2 TB? I heard that the problem was that I formatted it outside of the computer so I bought another one and put it in the computer, expecting Windows to see it and I would format it normally. It didn't see that one either. Any idea what is going on?


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This tested peripherals list includes one 2 TB drive. Intel® Desktop Board DZ68DB — Tested Peripherals

I did not find a specific fix for this issue in the release notes but it might help updating the BIOS or the Hard Drive's firmware, if available.

Please note the update instructions about the transition BIOS version if you decide to try this step. Desktop Boards — Updating the BIOS to Support 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processors


Well, I've determined that this board just can not see drives bigger than 2 TB. I sold the 5 TB drive to a friend and bought a 2 TB one. Disappointing but better than nothing.