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DZ68DB - should I switch from raid to ahci for single SSD?


When I originally built my PC with a DZ68DB board, I added a Intel SSD 311 20G ssd to use as a cache. So the BIOS specifies RAID since I was using Rapid Storage Technology to form a RAID with my SATA drive.

I have now disabled RST and removed the 20G ssd cache drive. I cloned my old SATA boot drive to a Samsung 850 Pro SSD. In the BIOS where RAID is marked (vs IDE or AHCI), it says in the help description that RAID always includes AHCI. So am I losing any functionality/performance (like TRIM) with my SSD leaving the BIOS configured with RAID option? The Samsung Magician software gives a warning that performance will be less since it is not in AHCI mode, but not sure if that is a general warning and not always true based on the bios description for RAID.

I definitely don't want to reinstall WIndows and prefer not to play around with the registry to switch to AHCI unless it will make a big difference.

Thank you

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As I understand it, RAID is AHCI with more drivers to support extra devices, so your current configuration is just fine. If you ever decide to reinstall the OS, perhaps to eliminate recalcitrant malware, install it via AHCI to minimize the number of device drivers loaded.

By the way, how much of a performance improvement did you see going from SSD-used-for-cache to OS-on-SSD?


Thanks, it seems to be quite a bit faster when iTunes loads up all my library, also IE and Outlook. Haven't done any major programs like video editing to see if that changes much. My old bood drive was an old Seagate SATA 2, so that makes up for a lot of the speed difference too I think.

I guess Samsung Magician only looks for AHCI and that's it. when checking for optimal settings., Im guessing some older RAID drivers may not have included AHCI functionality, Your answer is consistent with the help description in the BIOS menu.