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DZ68ZV Board Memory Questions

I have purchased a F3-12800CL9Q-16GBRL G.SKILL 16G memory kit. I installed it in all four channels on the and got a 3 beep POST alarm. I removed the modules from DIMM 1 and 3 and the computer boots fine. I swapped the memory modules from DIMM 1,3, to DIMM 2,4 and the computer boots fine. I have upgraded the bios to the latest bios, and swapped the memory modules around to determine if it was an individual module.

This is on a DZ68ZV board. I notice that crucial does not recommend using more than two modules when I looked up their recommendations. Hmmm.....ANy insight on anyone's part on this matter?

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Community Manager

3 beeps refer to memory conflicts. First thing you may want to do is make sure the memory is fully compatible with the memory controller. Since the memory controller is located on the processor, the memory voltage should be running at 1.5V as this is the only voltage supported by all processors with a memory controller. Furthermore, the speed supported can be identified by searching the processor model at the following site: Voltage limitation can be found on the respective processor data sheets.

If the memory is fully compatible, then you may want to first clear CMOS and proceed with a BIOS Recovery using the latest BIOS version available in case of a corrupted BIOS.

Clear CMOS instructions:

BIOS Recovery:

If this is still not addressing your issue, please test different compatible memory. If this still does not work, you may want to test the processor on another compatible system or a different compatible processor on this system.

Feel free to contact the technical support department for further assistance. Contact phone numbers can be found at:

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