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DZ68ZV will not boot

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I have just installed a new DZ68ZV board and Xeon E3-1220v2 into it, plus 16GB PC1600 dual channel memory and Asus HD 5450 GPU for testing, USB keyboard and mouse, nothing else is plugged in. Turned power switch on which illuminated ON symbol on the on-board power button. Then pushed the ON button. Except for the Skull red eye sockets, ON symbol, Reset button and blue LEDs beneath nothing elese lit up. Oh and the cpu fan did not start right away, first it kick then stopped then after 2 seconds accelerated and slightly decelerated and remained on. But there were no POST activity, none of the diagnostics LEDs at the bottom edge lit up nor did the dual 7 segment LED display and there is now video and no on board speaker feedback sound. I also tried with no video card installed and with no memory installed. In all cases the same results. Is this a CPU failure or board failure or is there something else causing boot failure. Any suggestions or maybe conclusions? Thank You


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