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DZ77BH-55K - PCIe HD7850 not detected in the BIOS

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My mother tong is French and my English is not really fluent, so excuse me if you can't understand me ;-) Just tell me, I'll try to rephrase properly.

Here is my list of components:

Intel I7 3770 with HD4000 (detected by the BIOS & work with the OS)

Intel DZ77BH-55K (detected by the BIOS & work with the OS ;-))))

Seasonic M12D 750W certified Silver 80+

Crucial ballistix DDR3 1600Mhz 1.65v with XMP profile(detected by the BIOS & work with the OS + MEMTEST multi pass = OK)

Additional PCI Ethernet Gigabit NIC (detected by the BIOS & work with the OS)

3Ware 9650LE SATA RAID CTRL PCIe x1 placed on the bottom connetor (detected by the BIOS & work with the OS)

SSD Crucial M4 128G SATA 6Gbps (detected by the BIOS & work with the OS)

WD Velociraptor 600Go + 1To (detected by the 3Ware CTRL & work with the OS)

Sapphire HD4850 512M PCIe 2.0 (detected by the BIOS & work with the OS) (*Just for test)

-- Sapphire HD7850 2G OC PCIe 3.0 (NOT detected in the BIOS)

As I said in the title, the BIOS of the mainboard doesn't detect my "Sapphire HD7850 2G OC". I also got the beep wich means VGA card not detected.

I've tried many solutions but none of them worked at all.

The BIOS is up to date: 01/11/2012 0094

I've checked many times the connections (PCIe cable) and also tested each BIOS config possibilities (video menu) and, of course, I started my tests with only the HD7850 card plugged(no NIC netheir RAID CTRL) and a clean reseted BIOS.

Only, the HD4850 is detected(I can see the HEXA id in the BIOS) and works. I was also able to install my favorite OS(Debian) and it 's working perfectly. I also tested the audio, the USB3.0 NEC + USB3.0 of the PCH, the NIC... everithing is fine but the HD7850...

To clarify things before you ask, YES the HD7850 is working perfectly with my old Asus P5E3 on a PCIe x16 v1.1 slot and a Q9550. So why not on this mainboard?

I also looked on many forum about this problem and I found many post of this kind but not only about this mainboard. Some of them complained about the chipset it self and also the Vtd...

So, after many investigations and tests and long hours lost, I got to the conclusion of a matter of BIOS compatibility between the HD7850 and the BIOS of this mainboard.

If someone has an idea(solution) on how I can solve this matter, please tell me.

Thank you in advance,




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So, no one has an idea?

Please help!