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DZ77BH-55K Win7 can't automatically find drivers

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I have BIOS 0099. I have an up to date Win7 installed

The Intel web page that supposedly automatically finds drivers that need updating doesn't work very well. It finds a few, including graphics and audio, but it fails to find many out of date or uninstalled drivers including LAN, Chipset, Management Engine and USB3 drivers. The Win7 program called Intel Manageability Engine Firmware Recovery Agent.seems similarly inept.

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Hello Steve17,

I would suggest to use: Intel® Driver Update Utility. It is available at

BIOS version 0099 is the latest BIOS for DZ77BH-55K.


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That is what I used. It only gives me updated drivers for graphics and audio.

It also shows chipset INF but says the device is unknown or unsupported, contact manufacturer.

It also shows Wired Networking but just says: Error

No mention of USB3 drivers, Management Engine, etc.

Here is a screen shot. This Win7 had no drivers installed except what came with the Win7 installation.

I hope you can see it:

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