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DZ77BH-55K first sleep works after that PCp keeps waking up

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I recently got this motherboard DZ77BH-55K and I'm using windows 8 x64 fresh install with latest bios and drivers for this motherboard but when I do sleep the machine it works fine, then if I try to sleep it again it does but wakes up after a few seconds, if I do shut down then the PC turns on after a few seconds. So I have to turn it off by pressing the power button for 5 seconds then if I do sleep or turn off the PC works fine, then again if I do sleep it works as spected, then If I try to sleep the PC again the problem goes on again.

I tried this with windows 7 x64 and windows 8 x64 with GPT or MBR, and also with SSD or Hard Drive and the problem is still there, I also tryied updated the BIOS 0094 and no luck at all.

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You could check to see if disabling all options to "wake up" from your network card (in the bios and in the property tabpage of your network card) helps to keep your computer sleep.

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I did that, I also cleaned up settings on bios, then clear event log, then I also tried disabling NIC card, unplugging from cable and no go, still the same behavior.