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DZ77BH-55K post code 36


I have a DZ77BH-55K system that is showing post code 36, but don't know what to do next with it.

Originally, the error was in a frozen state - no response. Went to reboot, but only 'sputtered' (the best way

to put it). Replaced the power supply - came up with post code 32 and the three beep audio sequence associated

with memory error.

Updated to bios 0100 because appeared to be similar problem to an existing thread. No success. Went to

removing dimms, and got it down to one 8Gb stick in the # 1 slot that got it past the three beep audio sequence,

but stuck on post code 36.


Any help/pointers appreciated.






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I am not familiar with this board... But would recommend clearing CMOS by removing the battery and waiting 30 minutes, then replacing it. That may fix the problem if it is corrupted CMOS memory (which can easily happen with a bad power supply).