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DZ77BH-55K two SSDs in SATA 6G (blue) connectors


Board: DZ77BH-55k


Bios version BHZ7710H.86A.0057

Windows 7 Pro (64bits)

SSD drives: Intel 520 240Gb and Samsung 840Pro 512GB

I have connected both drives to (BB) blue SATA 6.0 Gb/s connector through the PCH.

Both show up in Bios.

Both have Windows 7 installed.


- Booting in bios with Samsung Pro SSD:

Both drives perform well, both available in Windows.

- Booting in bios with Intel 520 SSD

Intel drive performs well, Samsung SSD does not show up in Windows, needs to be initialized.

On initializing there is an error:

Virtual Disk manager:

Data error: Cyclic Redundancy check

After failing, Windows Disk management shows a 900GB drive but it is not accessible, I cannot open it from here or from Computer>Hard drives.

This Samsung drive performs with no problems, Windows was installed on this SSD connected alone to this board.

Provisional solution: I have attached Samsung Pro drive to a SATA 6.0 Gb/s connector through Marvel 88SE9172 controller (gray). (I have connected the Intel 520 instead with the same outcome)

Problem: Performance degrades noticeably (as tested with AS SSD Benchmark and Samsung Magician)


Questions: I would like to be able to use both SSDs from the blue connectors, do not know why the Samsung drive (When c:/ is Intel 520) needs to initialize, why it fails (when it's not the booting drive), and how to solve it.


Regarding the Bios, I am still using the first one released (0057), I have not updated it after many problems reported, contrary to many other Intel boards I had in the past, where I updated them on a regular basis.


Now with version 0100, would I gain something updating my bios?, is it safe?, or better stay as it is?


Memory: 4x4GB Crucial Ballistix DDR3 PC3-12800 • 9-9-9-24 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC

Hard drives: Seagate Constellation and XT 2TB derives



Pics show a performance comparison on both kinds of SATA 6GB connectors


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Federico, even though there are many problems reported when updating the BIOS to version 0100, I think a BIOS updated is necessary in order to find out if this behavior could get fixed.

You can try installing some older versions first, such as BIOS v 0070 Download Center and 0083 Download Center .

It is important to tell you that when updating the BIOS to v100, you are also updating the UEFI SATA driver to version

If the issue persisted, please get in touch with our Warranty Department so they can help you to replace the unit:


Many thanks for your prompt and kind answer.

I have updated Bios to v. 0070 and next to v.0083.

(When doing the last update I got a series of 3-3 beeps and a number (32?) appeared on the 2-numbers display, I got nervous but restarted and pushed the Back to Bios button in the back of the board and the beeping dissappear and the system booted up).

The problem still is the same:

- When both SSD drives are attached to the blue connectors (Intel 6GB) if the boot drive is the Samsung Pro I get the Intel SSD too.

- When the boot drive is the Intel SSD 520, the Samsung needs to be initialized and fails. (Displays a capacity in Disk management of 906GB)

- When connected separately to an Intel and a Marvell connectors, both appear in Computer.

But I see now a likely reason or culprit, when both are connected to the blue Sata 6GB connectors:

Also shown in the attached pictures:

- When booting from the Samsung SSD 840Pro, Device Manager>Disk drives, shows an ATA Intel SSDSC2W24 SCSI disk drive AND a Samsung SSD 840 PRO Seri SCSI Disk Device. RIGHT.

- When booting from the Intel SSD 520, Device Manager>Disk drives, shows an ATA Intel SSDSC2W24 SCSI disk drive AND an Intel Raid 0 Volume SCSI Disk Device. Wrong?

Any further help for solving this problem will be gratefully appreciated. Thank you

Federico Platón