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DZ77BH-55k post issue with add in PCIe graphics card


I am having an issue where when using a VGA connection on ATI HD5450 add in graphics card causes system not to post. I can typically get it to post with DVI connection but then I am getting error code 12 when I do a reboot from windows. At this point I am not sure if I have faulty


motherboard or incompatibility of graphics/motherboard. I have other systems with the same configuration working fine, so I think it might be a motherboard issue.

Motherboard: Intel DZ77BH-55K bios rev.0099 (using intel toolkit) bios graphics setting set to Auto - tried to force EXT PCIe graphics and same result.

Graphics Card: Sapphire HD5450 AMD catalyst


control suite version 13.1 and 13.4 tested with same result.

Chipset version 9.30.1036

S12II-620 Seasonic Power Suppply

To get the system up after the reboot lockup, I have to force a restart from front panel button of the chassis and then the system will post and boot into windows. If we use onboard graphics driver version ( I don't have any issues with initial boot or restart command from Windows.

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Hello Tessa Tilford


Since the board is working fine using the onboard video, the problem you are experiencing could be related to compatibility with your video card.

These are some recommendation we can provide:

  • Remove the CMOS battery and leave the system without it for about an hour. Then put it back on and restart the system. datetime datetime

  • I also recommend you to update the firmware of the video card.

  • Ttry using another video card in order to discard a defective PCI-e.