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DZ77BH55K issues update.

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So I was/(am?) having many issues with getting the 3 beeps from my board; after several BIOS reset and recoveries, I've found a chintzy workaround is to never shut off my computer, only to put it to sleep. The problem is once I wake it up, it hangs!

Anybody else have any ideas about how to get this board to behave? I reaaally don't want to RMA the board or do a board transplant. I can live with the sleep issue for now, but the system hang is really annoying.

Oh and for the record, 2 different types of RAM (Crucial and Corsair) have both been in this computer, and both enjoyed elongated periods of "system off" time before I got 3 beep, so I must assume that either I'm the luckiest guy in the world to buy 6 consecutive bad sticks of memory, or more likely the board is having a conflict with the memory, probably thanks to the BIOS settings...

And yes, I've tested them all one at a time, and every other permutation I've read about on this forum. It's not the memory.

There's something else going on with this board.

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I know that the frustration with the RMAs but when something fails in the MB, it's like a domino effect.

Highly advice to RMA the board after making sure that it's defective.