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DZ77GA-70K Board and Extreme tuning Utility


Okay, gonna give this one last go !!!!

First of all thank you to everyone that replied with help on this topic the last time.

I have read all the product specs and compatibility specs several times. No need to post links to the specs.

I am using the DZ77GA-70K motherboard (3rd gen) along with the I7-2600K cpu (2nd gen).

I have overclocked the system within the BIOS several times with great results. And I understand the when overclocking doing it through the BIOS is best option.

I am giving this computer to a family member. They do know a little about computers and how the operate. But they do not understand how to overclock within the BIOS. I want to install and use the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility so they can have a simpler way of overclocking.

Problem being is: the ETU will not work with this particular setup.

This is why I am confused ???????????????????????????

Over the past 3 days I have taken the cpu (I7-2600K) out of the system and put it into an MSI motherboard that uses the Z77 chipset. The Extreme Tuning Utility works as it should with all advanced tuning options available.

I also put the cpu (I7-2600K) into yet another motherboard (ASUS) with Z77 chipset and the Extreme Tuning Utility works as it should with all advanced tuning options available.

I put the cpu (I7-2600K) back into the DZ77GA-70K motherboard and guess what ?????? Extreme Tuning Utility does not have advanced tuning options !?!?!?!!!???

Like I said I have read the specs and compatibility on both the DZ77GA-70K motherboard and the Core I-7 2600K CPU.

Why does it work on other manufactures boards and not on Intel Board ??????????

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/thread/115504 using /thread/115504 DZ77GA-70K/thread/115504 board and I7 2600K /thread/115504 cpu/thread/115504 combination, Intel Extreme Tuning Utility not giving me all options for advanced (overclock) tuning



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