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DZ77GA-70K Driver Installation and BIOS questions

First of all, Hello Everyone!

I am currently building my new PC, using the DZ77GA-70K Mainboard and the i7-3770K CPU.

So far, everything seems to work ;-)

Operating System (Win 7 Pro x64) is up and running and now I'm about to install drivers and then my software.

Is there any recommended order in which the drivers should be installed? At the moment I only installed the Chipset Device Software (Version, Downloadcenter states it is the latest).

Do I need this Management Engine Interface thing? Any benefits of installing?

And what about the LAN Drivers? Network obviously seems to work even without them.

I also have a question related to BIOS settings, I guess.

The Technical Product Specification (Table 41, Page 81) lists the BIOS Beep Codes.

I get the first entry listed (F2 Setup/F10 Boot Menu Prompt, One 0.5 second beep when BIOS is ready to accept keyboard input) on every boot.

I suppose that this is normal, but is there any possiblity to change this behaviour, i.e. turning it off?

I could not find it in the BIOS Menu.

And I also have a more general question (not that really urgent) regarding BIOS updates:

How do I use, when updating to the current BIOS version [GAZ7711H.86A] 0053, the IFlash Bios update (

GAZ7711H.86A.0053.BI.ZIP ) ? The last BIOS update I did using F7 and a USB Stick failed, the Updater for Windows (

GAZ7711H.86A.0053.EB.EXE) then fortunately worked. So this time I would want to use a bootable CD/DVD.

Do I have to create one for myself? What is the suggested method of doing so? Any recommendations?

Kind Regards


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There is a "Keyboard Ready Beep" option in the Boot menu in BIOS setup. You can use this to disable the beep if you want it.

Regardless of whether you use F7 (or the DOS iFlash tool) with a raw BIO file (on flash stick or CD) or you run the Express BIOS Update (EBU) package, the result is the same; the BIO file is placed in memory and the machine is rebooted. During the subsequent POST (Power-On Self Test), the BIOS sees the BIO file in memory and processes it (installs its contents). If EBU is working for you, there is no need to resort to the other methodologies...


Community Manager

Thank you for your reply.

I fear that something is wrong, either with my eyes or with the board.

I went to "Advanced Setup", then the "Boot" tab, but there is no "Keyboard Ready Beep" option.

It looks like this: Screenshots | [H]ard|OCP

The first image I found using Google Search, but it looks exactly like mine.

DZ77GA-70K with BIOS version 0053.

Regarding the BIOS update methodology, I asked because I have only used the EBU (....EB.EXE) from here ( Download Center) so far. The update to 0053 worked directly, but the EBU before with version 0049 failed twice before it then worked. So I thought that this method seemed to be somehow unstable and I decided to be on the safe side next time.



Community Manager

Because this BIOS/Keyboard Beep seemed strange to me, I tried the following:

- Disabled the integrated GPU of the processor in BIOS

- Unplugged everything

- Removed the graphics card from PCIe x16 slot.

- Put it all back together and turned it on

As expected, the display kept being black and I heard the accordant beep code as listed in the Technical Product Spec:

Video error: On-off (1.0 second each) two times, then

2.5-second pause (off), entire pattern repeats

(beeps and pause) once and the BIOS will

continue to boot. | 932 Hz (When no VGA option ROM is found.)

But the single beep I mentioned in the first posting is entirely different.

It is NOT this beep listed in the spec:

F2 Setup/F10 Boot Menu Prompt | One 0.5 second beep when BIOS is ready to accept keyboard input |

932 Hz

Because the beep I hear every boot is much higher than 932 Hz (Compared it using a Tone generator) and much shorter than 0.5 seconds.

So what is it then?