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DZ77GA-70K PCI Issue


Dear friends hello

I have an Intel Pro1000GT Quad Port Adapter that seems not to fit in my DZ77GA-70K.

Intel ARK claims the Desktop board (has) and the Adapter (can use) a PCI connector.

But I can say they are not mechanically compatible and the Adapter will not insert in any of the connectors in the Desktop board.

So why does Intel ARK make these claims that have misled my decision to pursue this combination?

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The Pro/1000GT Quad is an older, end-of-life, PCI-X board for PCI-X bus. The DZ77GA-70K has a PCI Express bus and the old PCI-X boards are not compatible.

You will want to choose one of the newer cards which are compatible with the PCIe standard. The following ARK page should help, as it clearly identifies which cards are current and the compatible bus architecture(s). Intel Gigabit Server Adapters


Dear AlanScott1

Very nice of you to answer so quick and with complete answer with supporting links and alternatives you are a great person and asset to this community. But I still can't help but feel sad that I was mislead by the Marketeers when they hype-up their products by indiscriminately using terms and initials for capabilities that in fact they don't support. Reference this marked up screen captures as my evidence.

This will be my last post on this subject, I'm simply venting (but I hope someone will closely inspect the exhibit above and validate my conclusion) and will seek help for my feelings by watching the Dr Phil marathon this weekend on Lifetime instead of building VLAN targets on my CentOS server.

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Hello SanDuck, first of all it is very important to know that according to the picture you attached, the device is a quad port server adapter. There is also a desktop adapter with the same model number.

There are some differences between these two products, for example the Intel® PRO/1000 GT Desktop Adapter is a PCI device and the Intel® PRO/1000 GT Quad Port Server Adapter is a PCI-x device.,50481,50481


The PCI and PCI-x connectors are different, please check the picture bellow.


I would recommend you to check the following link. It contains the list of peripherals tested on this board.