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DZ77GA-70K Secure Boot


With the current BIOS (066) and with secure boot enabled:

I have noticed that upon entering the BIOS, there are no drives are available (and no boot drive) for both primary and secondary controllers. But the computer still boots into windows. PowerShell reports that secure boot is true and file explorer shows all the hard drives and the optical drive.

If I just disable secure boot (legacy still unchecked), save the BIOS setting, reboot and re-enter BIOS all drives are now again present.

Is this how it works with secure boot or is this a "bug" in BIOS 066?

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Submariner, in our motherboards you can choose from having enabled either Legacy or secure boot. If you enable "secure boot" in BIOS, "Legacy Boot" will be disabled automatically and vice verse.

When "Legacy Boot" is disabled, the hard drive information won't be available in this section, but you will be able to choose or boot to a specific drive when pressing "F10"


It is not a bug in BIOS version 0066.