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DZ77GA-70K USB-related boot failure

I have a new DZ77GA-70K board that fails to boot when a USB device (Space Navigator 3D trackball) is plugged in. The system powers up and ramps up the fan speed. The BIOS splash screen displays for a few seconds and then the power shuts off, flashing the CPU HOT LED briefly as it goes. The cycle starts over and repeats until I unplug the 3D trackball. Without the trackball plugged in, the system boots normally into windows or linux, and after the OS boot starts, I can plug the trackball in with no problem. The problem occurs on cold or warm boots and on any USB port -- rear, front-panel, USB 3.0, high-current or standard ports. I have not tried connecting the trackball through an externally powered USB hub, but that's the next step. I have not been able to find a spec for the trackball power requirements. The secondary mobo power connector is hooked up and has the correct voltages on it.

Hardware details:

DZ77GA-70K with i7-3770S @ 3.1GHz

16GB installed RAM (GSKIL F3-1600C9D-16GXM R)

power supply: Antec BP550 Plus (550W)

Video card: PNY NVidia Quadro 2000D

disks: 2x WD3200AUDX

Logitech USB keyboard & mouse

BIOS: problem is identical with 0021 and 0053 releases

Any help would be appreciated.


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Community Manager

Hello Edward Hild,

It is very possible this is a compatibility issue with this specific device. I am afraid to tell there is not much that can be done in these cases. Here are our recommendations:

- Test a different device on the USB ports to ensure they are working fine.

- Remove/ re-install the device drivers from device manager.

- Make sure you have the latest drivers for the device.

Community Manager


Thanks for taking the time to reply, but the drivers can't be the issue: the problem occurs during POST before even the boot loader runs. If the BIOS setup were running, I might believe it checked for a HID device and got confused, since it isn't really a mouse and certainly isn't a keyboard, but BIOS setup isn't running either. I have a USB keyboard and mouse attached and they have no problem.

Does the POST code check current draw from USB ports? I want to check load current on the Space Navigator, but I need to hack a bit of hardware and haven't got around to it. If the Space Navigator draws too much current at startup, it might violate the USB spec. Could be a bad unit or marginal design. If the BIOS isn't reading current properly (bad code? wrong current sense resistor?) that would account for it too.

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I have a similar problem with the boot loader where the unit powers up the two splash screens appear and then the unit shuts down and the cycle is repeated. nothing plugged in except the connection to my