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DZ77GA-70K - USB3.0 Flash Drive not working on Silvertone FB37 front panel card reader

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I have the Silverstone FB37 USB3.0 Flash Drive and Memory Cardreader connected to the internal USB3.0 connector and when I plug a flash drive into the type A connector the drive light on the USB3.0 drive will flash once but a drive folder does not open in explorer.

The USB3.0 and 2.0 flash drives work in both of the Intel Front Panel dual flash drive connectors when it is installed as the only front panel device on either of the internal dual port USB3.0 connectors.

Troubleshooting steps and symptoms:

The MoBo BIOS is 0061 and the USB3.0 drivers are the latest

If the FB37 and the Intel Front Panel 3-1/2" Bay dual USB3.0 module are installed together neither of the A-style ports on the Intel front panel module work but the FB37 card reader ports are still showing in Explorer. Disconnecting the FB37 will allow the Intel module to work after the USB Surge Errors (known issue) are cleared.

From that, I must assume the FB37 HUB/card reader firmware is incompatible with the Intel USB3.0 driver and prevents the other ports on the internal USB3.0 headers from functioning correctly.

All 4 of the rear panel UPS3.0 ports work with the FB37 installed.

I contacted Silverstone support and the CS tech said: 'FB37 has a USB3.0 hub on one of the internal USB3.0 connector ports for the 5 front panel card reader slots (5 drive Icons show in Explorer and Device Manager - 1 for each of the 5 card reader slots) and the other internal port is a direct cable connected directly to the A style USB3.0 connector on the front panel as a simple pass-through cable.

Anybody successfully using the Silverstone FB37 or having a similar problem.

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