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DZ77GA-70K USB3.0 Power Surge?

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Oh no!

One of the 3-1/2" Floppy Bay USB3.0 ports supplied with the MoBo doesn't recognize any USB devices and when the system wakes from the 2-3 second short sleep cycle (see - DZ77GA-70K not so sleepy) a dialog box appears indicating a POWER SURGE on the USB port - recommending: unplug any USB devices and reset the ports.

Is this a known issue?


Thanks, Rod...

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Yes, this is a known issue. Get the following document:

Intel has made changes to the newer motherboards to fix the issue by:

"The printed circuit board for DZ77GA70K and DZ77GAL70K will be updated to improve functionality and performance by removing Pin 10 from the Front Panel USB 3.0 connector to resolve a front panel false over current message."

May be you can just cut the wire going to pin 10 (in the harness/cable going to the front panel). Cutting the pin 10 on the board may have some implications on warranty.

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Thanks for the reply.

This product change was released in Sept 2012.

I purchased my board in the end of December and it is the old product.

How do we a post change replacement board?

Is there an approved Field Modification for the motherboard?

I reviewed the USB3.0 standard, Intel's USB3.0 internal connector standard and the over-current protection on pin 10 is not well documented. That is the standard-A style connector in the supplied 3-1/2" bay panel doesn't have a pin assigned for over-current and I'm using a SilverStone FB37 and it has also has the Power Surge error, however it is also a memory card reader and one USB standard-A connector

The moding the female molded connectors on the USB3.0 cable is a hack and I would rather do it right to keep this from back to bite me later. Besides the communication speed would most likely be affected if the cable is disturbed. Cat cable suffer the same signal speed degridation if the RJ connector terminations are disturbed.



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I have a DZ77GAL-70K board. I bought it around end of Nov. It is from the old lot. So far I don't have any USB3 peripherals to connect & initially I can use the rear panel connectors. I can't claim great familiarity with the USB3 standard but know that it is still being defined. I have read about the target being able to power peripherals up to 90 Watts through the USB3 port. They intend to have sensing for the voltage & current needs of the load and feed the load accordingly. So the over-current protection (limit) at present may be an arbitrary number.

The motherboard manual shows Pin 10 as the Over Current Protection pin. If Intel is modifying the boards to just get rid of this pin, their designed-in protection may have issues.

If the molded female connector on the cable is the old Molex style, the individual socket pins typically have a springy prong that locks in the pin slot. It is visible from the side & can be released using a pin/sharp object to pull the female pin out. The pin will remain attached to the wire and can be reinserted.

Your point about disturbing terminations affecting signal speed is valid for wires involved in data signals. E.g.,in case of Ethernet, it affects the near end and far end crosstalk (NEXT/FEXT). However, for wires dealing with power supply, disturbing them should not affect the communication speed.

If the whole thing is molded with wires etc, that could pose a problem though.