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DZ77GA-70K Virtu Universal/MVP Issues

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After initially dismissing Virtu Universal/MVP I finally decided to give it a shot but can't seem to get it to work.

iGPU is enabled. Regardless of whether iGPU or PCIe being enabled as primary and whether one or the other is not connected to the display I get beeps on boot (display not detected). I tried having both HDMI to DVI cable running from motherboard and DVI to DVI from Nvidia GTX 590 connected to my 1920x1200 Dell U2410 display, alternating with either one being set as primary and auto. Same issues in both cases, beeps and no display. iGPU HDMI works since it worked when I first built the PC and started it without GTX590 installed. I must be doing something wrong, obviously, just tired of resetting bios.

Does Virtu MVP/Universal actually work? I would really like to be able to switch GTX590 off when it is not necessary to reduce noise levels (it is by far the loudest component in my system)al and power consumption. Performance gains are welcome but are a secondary concern.

I am, of course, running latest BIOS etc. and system is otherwise smooth and stable.


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