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DZ77GA-70K and 2400Mhz Memory?


I have been running 1600 Mhz memory on this board without any issue.

The mb specs show that this board can run 2400Mhz memory.

I have purchased some new 2400Mhz memory that is rated to run at 2400. I selected the XMP profile for 2400Mhz and the BIOS sees and accepts that setting.

When I try to boot with that setting, the BIOS gives an error message that it is unable to boot. If I go back into the BIOS and select the Automatic setting, it boots with any problem.

I am currently running MemTest86 on the machine, but no errors so far (BIOS setting at 1333Mhz).

Are there additional setting changes that are necessary in order to successfully use 2400Mhz memory?

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Whether memory will work at a certain speed with a particular individual motherboard and a particular individual processor is dependent upon whether the overall solution generates enough noise that valid data cannot be recognized during data transfers. Noise comes from the processor, from the motherboard, from the DIMMs and from the operational environment. Noise can be greater at specific frequencies as certain devices will naturally generate more noise at frequencies related to their operation. All devices will generate more noise as they age; the system that works initially at some specific frequency may not do so as time passes and lower frequencies will be necessary to continue operation. The motherboard has specific features - trace length matching, termination resistors, etc. - designed into it to help suppress noise. If the overall combination still generates too much noise when run at specific frequencies, the endpoints will not be able to differentiate noise from valid data. When this occurs, failures will occur and the memory bus could even lock up.

In your case, it is obvious that this combination cannot operate at the full 2400MHz speed for these DIMMs. If they are provided, you can try using lesser XMP profiles to determine what frequency can be sustained. Having to back off all the way to 1333MHz would suck, so I hope these interim XMP profiles are included.

Hope this helps,



Thanks for the information regarding noise.

There are not any interim profiles shown; however, they seem to be an option by using the slider. Don't know if that is really the same or different.

The memory test has detected two errors now, so it looks like I will have to RMA this memory.

I will test the slower speeds and report back.



Update: As it turned out, the 2400 Mhz memory i was trying was not approved by Corsair for this motherboard.

I returned the memory for a set that had been tested for this motherboard.

No luck, it will not run either.

For the time being, I have it running at 1600 MHz.

If anyone out there has this motherboard and you are running your memory at 2400 MHz, or anything above 1600 MHz, would you mind taking a few minutes to respond with your memory settings?



I'm owner of this board actually, and I just returned my dead Corsair XMS 3 2000 MHz CAS 9 DIMMs to Corsair support.

They send me back some Dominator Platinium 2400 MHz DIMMs CAS 11.

Like you, I tried XMP 2400 Profile, with no luck.

At SPD speeds (1333 MHz) it's bootable, like you.

So I tried to start from selecting "Profile 1 : XMP-2400" profile, then select "User defined", then I set "Command rate" to "1T" (it's theorically supported on this RAM), and lastly I set my "Memory Multiplier: Speed" to 16 instead of 18.

Now I'm running at 2133 MHz CAS 11 and 1.65V.

I will try better settings when I'll have time.

I hope that will be useful for you.


Thank you very much for the information.

Can you share which processor you are using?

Mine is the Xeon e3-1290v2.

I don't know if that makes a difference or not.

I will try your suggestions and report back.


Of course.

It's an Core i7-3770K.

I tried at stock frequency, then at 4.4 GHz and 4.5 GHz.

All speeds are okay with 2133 MHz memory frequency, but not at 2400 MHz.


I have success to report!

I used your settings - 16 & 1T and it runs without issue.

Thank you very much for the assistance.

Even though the Bios shows 1T for the Command Rate, CPUID and my other utilities show 2T.

By any chance did you save the detailed setting for the Dominator Platinum 2400 c9 memory that you had to RMA?

I wonder if those 2400 Profile setting are different from what you are using now.

In order for me to run my 2400 memory at 1600, I had to use the detailed setting from a set of Dominator Platinum 1600 memory that I have. It appears the the setting that the Bios selects for other speeds don't always work, except for 1033.

It makes me think that our memory could run at 2400, if only we knew the right values to select.