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DZ77GA-70K + g.skill sniper (3 beeps problem / dual channel problem)

Hey people, i bought an Intel mobo model DZ77GA-70K and i'm having this problem

I got 2x4gb 1866mhz G.SKILL SNIPER memory .. i can ONLY use the 2 sticks of this memory on slots 1 AND 2 (black and blue).. i'm having the 3 beeps issue when i try to use it on different slots or DUAL CHANNEL, i can only use 1 stick (4gb) or 2 sticks(but not in dual channel, instead, mono channel) ... any help will be very important.. maybe this is a mobo problem? maybe it's the memory incompatibility? maybe is the energy output? what do you guys think ?

I'm also using the i7 3770k with onboard video (intel graphics 4000)


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I was in the same issue with ram until place them on blue slots and load xmp profile from bios, not was able to manuaaly setting just go with xmp and they work well now.

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