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DZ77GA-70K has E9 code, cursor blinks then dead screen, no menu


My 1st attempt to build with this board, I got the initial bios menu with 3 function key options and the skull. I clicked F2 but nothing would happen.

I attempted resets and power off & on to see if I could get back to the menu and a functioning keyboard. Nothing worked.

I next attempted the same with pressing the Bios button on the back of the board. I attempted the same again (power up/down, resets), on the 3rd attempt I got the following messages:

# 1

Bios has detected unsuccessful POST attempt(s).

Possible causes include recent changes to BIOS

Performance Options or recent hardware change.

Press 'Y' to enter Setup or 'N' to cancel and attempt

to boot with previous settings.

I entered a "Y"

New message appears:

# 2

Your system has booted into Back-to-BIOS mode 3 consecutive times.

It's possible your Back-to-BIOS switch needs to be turned off (no light).

Your system will now ignore your Back-to-BIOS switch until a boot is

performed with the switch detected as off (no light). Then operation will

return to normal.

Blank screen appears.

My next attempt was to move the Bios configuration jumper from 1,2 to 2,3 to force entry into the bios. No menu, nothing.

One last try. Power off, power on. I got message # 1 & # 2 again. Before the 2nd message disappeared I pressed F2. The cursor blinked for a while then he screen is blank. The post status code remains

at E9.

The memory is new and Corsair validated it is compatible with this board. 2x8GB sticks 2400 MHz. However, I did notice it needs 1.6v and I do think I need to get into the bios to change this since I read default is 1.5v. I wonder if the board is able to compensate? I will replace the memory but I really don;t think it's an issue. Anyone have an idea?

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Whether the board will compensate for the 1.6V vs. 1.5V depends upon whether the DIMM's SPD data properly tells the BIOS that this voltage is necessary. The board is going to try to run the profile that is in the SPD. If this is detected to fail and the BIOS is configured for automatic, it will next try to run the DIMMs at defaults (i.e. 1333MHz at 1.5V). If this doesn't work (all DIMMs are supposed to operate at these defaults but I have seen plenty that do not), then you get the Unsuccessful Post(s) message. I would say, based upon what you've seen, that the board is unable to work with this memory. I would look for something that is on the list of validated memory for this board on Intel's site, not Corsair's...


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Hi steven,

Our 7 series motherboard supports 2sd and 3rd gen processors. The memory controller is inside the processor instead of the board. The maximum speed supported by 3rd gen processors is 1600MHz at 1.5v.

I suggest you to test your system with 1 memory stick, without dedicated graphics card and no Hard Disk Drive. Let see if it is possible to get into the BIOS using pins 2 and 3. The Back to BIOS button needs to be off (no light).

If problem continues try to update the BIOS with recovery method using minimum configuration. Downloads for Intel® Desktop Board DZ77GA-70K



Mike C