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DZ77GA-70K not seeing # 2 HD and bios issues

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Just got the new build finished yesterday. In the past with Intel boards and CPU's I've never had a problem.

The specs for the build are:

Windows 7 Ultimate (overkill I know)

Corsair AX850 PSU

Corsair ram 16 gigs @ 1600 4x4

DZ77GA-70K mother board

3570K i5 CPU (Stock Intel heat sink and fan)

2 x WD 500 gig sata 3 hard drives

LG Blu ray combo drive sata 2

Antec P280 case

UBS keyboard and mouse

USB 500 gig external hard drive

Got it put together and it was a little slow starting up first time. After that it fires right up. This board has the new type bios with graphics.

It sees all the drives in the bios and still does. But after installing the mother board drivers the mouse is not reconized in the bios and the arrow keys are of little use. The drive set up in the main screen is not where I set it. I know to save changes on exit so I know where it was left.

The install of the OS was convoluted to say the least. I was sold an update disc and didn't know it til it came time to install it. Tech support had to help me fool the system in to thinking it was an upgrade when it was a clean install. Windows 7 doesn't see the second drive but sees everything else.

The drives have a slight running vibration to them so I know at least they're getting power. I have both HD's in the blue sata port and the optical drive in the bottom of the black sata port next to it.

I know how to build and trouble shoot systems but this one has me stumped. Any ideas?

EDIT: I figured out the drive problem. It was the loose nut between the chair and the keyboard. Seems in my excitement I forgot to format it. DUH!

But the bios is still the ongoing issue.

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