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DZ77GA-70K wont boot - pins broken or something else?


My system:Zotac GTX 770, i5-2320

In november I bought the Intel DZ77GA-70K Mainboard and it didnt work, the problem was that when I started the PC, it showed the skull logo of the box which the mainboard is in and the keys that I should press to get into the bios, I pressed everything but it didnt work, so I sent it back and they said, that the pins were bend/broken and got it "repaired" for free. Now after 3 months or so and now its still the same problem, when I boot it still shows the logo and I cant do anything, after a few minutes the screen just turns black.Is there still a problem with the pins? Im not a pc expert so im not really sure, and if there is a problem can I fix it myself without waiting another weeks or months?The LEDs on the mainboard indicate that something is working everything is green except the CPU-LED, it turns red when I boot for a sec, then blue for a short time and then there is no light at all, dont know if this is normal.

Im going to attach 2 pictures of the pins of the motherboard, everything works fine if I use my old motherboard so I think the DZ77GA-70K has a problem.

Im curious, my old motherboard is a MS-7728, am I going to see any improvements in over the old one?And I'm looking for a new CPU for video rendering which one would be the best for max 300€?

~Sorry for my english if there is anything I forgot mention please ask~

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Critias, I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues with your system again, even though you already replaced the first motherboard.

I was checking the pictures you sent, and I didn't see a bend CPU pin; however that is really hard to notice if there is any.

I would recommend you to follow some basic troubleshooting in order to find out which device I causing this behavior.

  • -Include 1 memory stick and try to access the BIOS screen pressing the F2 key. Run default settings.
  • - You may try replacing the thermal paste on the processor.

Let me know the results


I tried everything you mentioned and it didnt work. I hadnt installed the

fan of my heat sink on my old mainboard and it worked, when I added it to

the DZ77GA-70K it suprisingly worked even though I didnt need it on my old mobo!! But now I have a new problem,

everything works fine I updated every up to date driver possible but its

saying I only have the standard VGA active, not my Zotac GTX 770. The

fans of the GTX 770 are working and im using a DVI-D cable from the gpu to

the monitor. When I use HDMI on the GPU or the Mainboard I only get a black

screen why is that(It worked before with HDMI on the new mobo)? I updated the bios of the mobo and it didnt help me and tried installing drivers for the gtx 770 but its not possible since it doesnt detect it. I tried moving the

gpu to another PCI-E slot but its the same error. Any suggestions?

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I am a power user DZ77GA-70k.

based on the pictures, i noticed u have bend pins on the LGA1155

Please check it and seek intel technical support for further support.


Just in case, you would be able to get in contact with our Warranty department at the following link