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Hi all!

Just built a new gaming rig with a DZ77GA-70K, and I'm having some problems while trying to do anything remotely graphics intensive.

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit (fully updated)

Intel Core i5 3570K

DZ77GA-70K (BIOS updated to 0061)

(x2) EVGA GeForce GTX 660's in SLI configuration (currently using 310.90 drivers)

16 GB Kingston HyperX Red 1600 DDR3

Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM001 2TB Serial ATA

Kingwin ABT-750MM Maximum Series PSU (750 Watt)

ASUS VE248H 24" Widescreen Full HD LED Monitor (1080p, 1929x1080 res)

The computer simply locks at random times, grinds the HDD all the way up trying to recover, then cuts to BSoD, dumps, and finally reboots. In more intense stuff like The Secret World with DX11 and everything on, it occasionally also just locks and blackscreens.

I'm able to restart Windows normally; no system repair stuff I've run has shown any faults in any system. Various registry programs, sfc /scannow, and repeated OS wipes and installs don't solve this. The system simply works fine until the next time this happens.

I've got a HUNCH that it's due to some incompatibility with NVidia drivers and/or SLI on this mobo. I was using a single GTX 660 with no such issues on an ASUS P8Z77-V LX. Are there known problems with current BIOS or NVidia/SLI right now? I REALLY don't want to have RMA this mobo if there's some tweak to make it stable.

Another curious graphics thing is this; I've got Intel HD Graphics showing up on Desktop Utilities. BIOS is set to Auto, and Device Manager doesn't show the iGPU at all. I have never been able to install ANY of the Intel HD Graphics drivers, despite having a board and CPU supposedly capable of running them. Not even the install disc iGPU drivers will install. As a result, Lucid won't install either.

I have a repeatable crash with Windows Experience Index, which leads me to think this is VGA related. No rating shows, and it fails during Draw tests 100% of the time.

Could this borky integrated GPU being messing with my two EVGA SLI cards?

Is my board defective and/or incompatible with current gen SLI?

Are my VGA drivers simply bad, and is there a known compatible version?

Given that the HDD powers up during a BSoD crash (activity LED is a solid red) is this all just a faulty HDD?

I'll try to grab the BSoD error code next time it does this; it's relating to nvdspl, if I recall.

I'd appreciate the help. As is, it's been two weeks, and I'm unable to do anything but surf the web on my $1,800 gaming rig.

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Quick update, as I think I may have inadvertently fixed the stability issue. My iGPU problems remain, however.

After running a few passes of Wise Registry Cleaner and CCleaner (they seem to detect and fix a few registry errors the other doesn't), I went in and disabled a number of junk within Windows 7 itself.

I also hopped into BIOS and set it from High V-droop to Low V-droop. Perhaps the powerdown on the CPU was making things wonky.

I'm not sure where the stability problem lay, but if I had to guess I would put money on it being Aero.

Found this handy-dandy guide for axing performance killing Windows 7 junk a while back, and these are the exact steps I followed. Only things I left alone were Windows Security.

If you're running into similar problems I would suggest trying Low V-droop in BIOS, and if that won't fix it try disabling extraneous Windows 7 features as per the guide.

Seems there was just something that does not wanna play nice on default settings.

As mentioned, I have NOT gotten the iGPU to show up at all or even accept a driver install. Not sure about that one.

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Have you tried the Extreme Tuning Utility to assess your system stability? Support for the Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU)

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Thanks for suggesting that!

Running that it was showing weird instability issues, so I went poking around in Device Manager.

I did had Chipset 1011 installed, NOT Chipset 1026! I don't know how the heck that happened, but there ya have it.

Kingwin 750W PSUs are apparently wonky with Chipset 1011, not to mention what the older chipset driver was going to my PCIe, SATA, et cetera.

I had to do a full reinstall, but what can ya do. I now have full power to all components and the computer is just tearing through stuff easily.

Still can't get the iGPU activated, but my OS may be disabling that since I run SLI cards. Not much of a big deal.

In short, if you're having similar troubles!!!! As soon after you've gotten your OS installed, you MUST go get the newest Chipset driver online. This completely fixed my performance issues.