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DZ77GA-70k Bios Issues / Strengths

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I would like to start a discussion, which hopefully will have some feedback to the bios developers on the strengths and shortcomings of the new "UEFI" Visual Bios. Maybe we can see some development geared towards bringing the power of this motherboard to bear on our hardware more effectively.

*Disclaimer to Intel Agents* Please don't mention how overclocking is not recommended for hardware, or even more annoyingly how its not "supported" on this enthusiast (OVERCLOCKING) board. Playing dumb and insulting all of our intelligence is.. you know, kind of infuriating.

Strengths, the visual bios is GREAT. I really want to start off by saying it has made the options which are available to be set by the visual bios, much easier to adjust. I can't really say much more about this, it is just well shaped, once I got used to where to find options. It is hard to talk about all the points and connectivity of the menus, other then to just say it works, and pretty well.

Some places which could use some work:

Offset voltages - I am unable to set an offset voltage which is not a multiple of .020mV in the visual bios. I was able to set .005mV offsets using the desktop tuner application, as well as the classic mode bios, it is unclear if these settings were applied as I don't have an accurate enough MM to try to read these voltages. I find it likely that these settings were not being applied as it was resulting in voltages which greatly exceeded expectations for the turbo multiplier (42). In my case it was almost .1V difference between a similarly equiped motherboard from another vendor, using the same processor.

Speedstep - this was only available through classic mode.

C - states - enabling and disabling the c states can significantly affect an overclocks stability, I find myself needing to overvolt the default vcore, or play with VDroop in order to compensate for the inability to disable C-states.

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Community Manager

Hello Mike,

Thanks for your feedback, I will submit this information to the engineers that are in charge for future releases.