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DZ77GAL-70K PCIE power during suspend for network card wakeonlan wol


I have a DZ77GAL-70K and have recently purchased a 10Gbe pcie x4 network card. I am unable to find the right setting in the BIOS to keep the PCIE slots powered during suspend. The use-case is that I need to be able to send a WoL packet (wakeonlan request) to wake up the PC to initiate backups to it (it is functioning as a backup server).


Does anyone know how I can get this done?

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In the Visual BIOS Power Settings scene, you will want to make sure that Wake On LAN from S4/S5 is set to Power On - Normal Boot, Deep S4/S5 is unchecked and PCIe ASPM Support is set to Enabled.


If those settings aren't sufficient to garner the expected results, it may be that there is a BIOS issue. As we know, Intel closeted the Desktop Boards business a number of years ago and all boards have been EOL'ed. If this is indeed a BIOS issue, there are no resources available to look into it; the BIOS is frozen. Your only recourse may be to keep the onboard NIC alive and connected and use it to perform the wakeup.


Hope this helps,



Thanks mate will give it a shot this weekend when I can get some down time from the server.

I think though I have tried that combo and it is currently configured that way. Unfortunately there is no way to tell from linux if so without going into the bios.