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DZ77GAL-70K won't boot from other devices



I have recently installed a DZ77GAL-70K with an I7-3770 and G.Skill Ares F3-1866C10D-16GAB (2 x 8GB)

I am able to successfully boot into BIOS and update BIOS to version 63 but I am unable to boot from either a HDD, USB, or Optical Drive. The PC will recognize the devices but when I hit F10 and tell it to boot I end up with a black screen with no action.

I am still able to update BIOS via USB but I can't even load Memtest86+ with either usb or disc.

I have swapped the memory with another build and that seems to work fine as well as all the other components.

I even sent the board back after talking an hour with Intel support but I have found the same issue with my replacement.

I have removed the CMOS and tried recovering BIOS a couple of times now.

I have disabled UEFI boot in hopes that would help.

I have decided to keep the RAM at default speeds for now until I am able to at least get Memtest86 working on this build.

I read about the issue with the HDMI cable being the issue so I plugged my video card which seems to work find but I still can't seem to boot from another device.

Any Suggestions?

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