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DZ77RE-75K Fan Control & BIOS Settings


Dear all,

I have recently moved to one of the above boards with a i7-3770K. The board has very advanced hardware management but I am really struggling to set it up. Firstly from a knowledge base perspective and secondly from a BIOS bug perspective.

BIOS: 0066

My cooling solution is:

CPU Fan Header - PWM fan

Rear Fan Header - PWM fan

Front Fan Header - 3 Pin (variable voltage) fan

Aux Fan Header - 3 Pin (variable voltage) fan

Now from my initial playing with the boards, and research here I know AUX is slaved to REAR so you can't control that independently. Fine.

In BIOS you can control auto & manual fans and also RPM thresholds for each fan, not withstanding AUX fan control.

In the temperature tab you can change the alert & response temperature thresholds for CPU, memory, VR, PCH. What really has me confused is under "primary temperature sensor" i.e. the one to control if temperature alert Memory is mapped to PCH and PCH is mapped to CPU - not their respective temp sensors.

Further to this if you try and map them to their own temp sensors the fans all run at full speed.

My CPU fan never seems to change speed (I assume this is because load temps are never more than 55deg C.)

I have also found a few bugs that mean the BIOS fails post: DZ77With all other fan & temp settings at default (auto control) I changed the primary temperature sensor for memory to ambient. This got me a code 12 and no video output. I had to use the B2B button to recover.

Can someone please explain how the fan control is connected to the temperature sensors, where the temp sensors physically are and how best to set up the board as I am really struggling to understand the hardware and BIOS implementation.

It looks really good and powerful but I just can't seem to get it respond as would seem logical.

Thanks in advance


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