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DZ77RE-75K Motherboard Main PCIE-16 slot-which one




My DZ77RE-75K board has two PCIE-16 slots. I need to install an ordered graphics card that is PCI-E 16 into the "main PCIE16 slot" according to the integration guide from Intel. Only the guide does not show which slot of two, is the main slot, it only says in a video that I found on Intel, that the main PCIE 16 slot is the one closest to the CPU. Would that be slot named "G" on page 13 of the product specs rather than slot "C" at this link:

I do not plan to use SLI bridging to use two cards, I only want the one card that I have ordered(EVGA GTX 760) and need to put it in the desired slot.

If someone could clarify which PCIE 16 slot is major (the desired one of two available on the board) to install a single graphics card, I'd be thankful.


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