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DZ77RE-75K Problems

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I have just built a new system running WIndows 8 x64 on UEFI on this motherboard.

Yet however, the BIOS is giving me too many troubles, one after another, which is not what I expected from a board of this range.

At first, I tried booting my Windows 8 installation through UEFI, only to realize that this board does not boot from my UEFI Intel 520 SSD on stock firmware. I then updated the BIOS to 0060 and it booted fine.

Now, my motherboard can't even get past POST 70% of the time. My system would just keep restarting until the board shows me the message that it cannot get to POST, only then I can enter setup. Then, I'll have to reset the BIOS back to its original settings and reconfigure the BIOS, save and restart, only then I would hear the speaker's beep and my Windows boot. This means that any more customization to the settings in the BIOS will just be futile.

That's not all, when Windows is shutting down, I'll be greeted with a DPC_Watchdog Violation BSOD.

And to think that this motherboard was actually purchased directly from Intel's EPP.

I'll appreciate every help I could get, I've also uploaded my system information here: Download from - send big files the easy way

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