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DZ77RE-75K Sound Difficulties

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Hello, I initially thought this problem might have stemmed from using an old install of Windows 7 from my old build on the above newly installed motherboard. However, I have done a clean install of Windows 8 and I'm still having the same problem. What I want to do is use the on-board video (HDMI out) coupled with the Realtek audio driver to some powered speakers. However, this configuration results in no sound and the following error: Audio device cannot start (code 10) in device manager (with an "X" in the taskbar about there not being a sound device installed). If I disable on-board audio in the BIOS, uninstall the Realtek driver and then re-enable audio in the bios, I am then able to use the on-board audio (though it is not driven by the Realtek software...I assume it's an Intel driver). I am using the latest BIOS from January 29, 2013. Is what I'm doing possible or is it recommended to add a separate video card so that Realtek will behave? I realize the on-board video is not exactly top of the line, but I don't need anything blazing fast or powerful at the moment, but would be willing to try a video card if it will make the Realtek driver functional.

Thanks for any assistance in advance.

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