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DZ77RE-75K USB 3.0 not working.

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I just built a new system. Among other problems the USB 3.0 ports on my board do not seem to work.

I updated to the latest bios and still no success. I checked in the bios to make sure they are enabled and it says they are.

My thumb drives will not show up when plugged into the USB 3.0 but when I plug my phone into one it can still charge if that means anything.

Also the regular USB ports on the mother board work just fine.

I do have an Intel SSD drive connected to one of the SATA 6 ports. I heard that some boards can not have both USB 3.0 and SATA 6 at the same time?

The only other problem I am having is that my memory causes the PC not to post but I have yet to try the memory after the bios update s owe will see.

FYI the memory I got is Patriot limited edition Intel Extreme Masters: 16GB / 2 x 8gb DDR3 1600mhz

Thanks for any help.

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You mean the USB 3 ports on the back of the board?


The only thing i can think of:

  • Enable USB 3 hub in BIOS.
  • Try the internal USB 3 headers, if you have a USB 3 port on your case or a bay hub.
  • Reset BIOS defaults.
  • Try another BIOS version.
  • Contact Intel by chat or phone.

I haven't heard that USB 3 and SATA 6 can't be used at the same time on some board.