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DZ77RE-75K Won't POST Without Bios Jumper in "config" 2-3 Position

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First, thanks in advance!

This all started when I attempted updating my bios to version 59. After reading the horror stories about using the Windows updater, I used the USB stick method. It hung after about 10 seconds, and I left it for 2 days just to avoid resetting and possibly damaging the bios, but after those 2 days, I really didn't have a choice.

I reset it, and it went into a loop where it would reset itself every 5-10 seconds. That's been solved by others by recovering the bios. I was able to (somewhat) recover the bios by inserting a USB stick, and removing the bios jumper.

Now, the computer boots into the bios configuration with the bios jumper in the "config" 2-3 position, but when I switch it back to the 1-2 "normal" position, it makes 2 long beeps, which indicates a lack of display. I have a display plugged into a PCIe x16 graphics card that works fine, I just can't get the bios to realize that. It works fine in the bios configuration, and once I get it into Windows. My dilemma is that I don't want the other people that use this computer to have to tell the bios where to boot every time.

Any ideas?

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Hello jeremysbrain,

Here are our recommendations for this issue:

1. Press to restore BIOS default settings.

2. Set the video output to PCI in the BIOS.

3. Check the boot priority and if possible provide more detailed information about the issue.