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DZ77RE-75K memory error when I350-T2 NIC installed?


I have a DZ77RE-75K desktop board with an i7-3770S CPU, running a matched set of (4) 8G DDR3-1600 DIMMs for 32 gigs of installed memory. Everything has been great for the last year and a half.

Yesterday, I received an i350-T2 NIC to expand available ports for VM testing, bridging, etc. Installing the i350 into the secondary PCIe x16 slot, the system gave me a beep code of three beeps and a POST code of "32" - which is supposed to indicate a memory error. I tested various combinations of PCIe ports, removing all cards from the system (which is only a video board and a multiport serial adapter) - installed the i350-T2 into the primary port as the ONLY PCIe card - and still the memory error.

However, taking out two sticks of RAM and lowering the system to 16G allowed a successful boot.

The system board is running the latest available BIOS. No other problems with the memory since installation - no system hangs, nothing - it just doesn't seem to like having 32G installed with that NIC.

Any ideas on what else to try?


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I understand you are using an Intel server NIC adapter. Please bear in mind that they were designed for server computers. The problem might be related to lack of resources when using 32GB of RAM

I recommend testing with a desktop adapter. Some models are available on the link below: