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DZ77RE-75K won't recognize EVGA GTX 1080 FTW

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I have a brand new EVGA GTX 1080 FTW and I get no signal at boot after installing it in my Intel DZ77RE-75K motherboard. EVGA support told me that my motherboard BIOS is probably at fault because the GTX 1080 requires a UEFI BIOS. I am using the latest UEFI BIOS for the motherboard. My i7-2700K is still running strong and was hoping I wouldn't need to upgrade everything to get the GTX 1080 to work. Any suggestions?

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Nice, new video card, old motherboard (2012) - likely an incompatibility.

This is your board: Intel® Desktop Board DZ77RE-75K Specifications

The latest bios is here: Download BIOS Update [GAZ7711H.86A]

Was the OS installed with UEFI?

What OS are you running?


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Windows 10 installed with UEFI. I noticed I had legacy boot and UEFI checked in the BIOS. Are there any specific settings I should experiment with in the BIOS?

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No, leave the bios settings as they are.

Ok, I checked the technical specification:

On Page 11, section 1.1.1, table 1 (that is a lot of ones!), under "Graphics" it says this:


Support for PCI Express 3.0 x16 add-in graphics card

Note: PCI Express 3.0 is only supported by 3

rd generation Intel Core processor family processors


You have a 2nd gen processor.

It also says the same under section on page 56 (Note).

So, I suspect the issue is compatibility issue. Too bad - that is a nice graphics card.

Also, while not part of this discussion, your processor is not supported on Windows 10.

You may want to find a 3rd gen processor that is supported on your board and bios, and try it. But, I cannot say that it would make the problem go away.

Here is a list of compatible processors for your board, just in case you are interested: Compatible Processors

Here is a comparison of 3 3rd gen processors that are compatible, plus your 2nd gen processor.,65523,65719,61275 ARK | Compare Intel® Products

Again, I cannot say it would work. But, if you can get one of the 3rd gen processors for a good price, it may be worth the effort.

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Thank you very much to Al Hill for the information provided on the previous posts.



To gravioli:



I just wanted to confirm the information posted previously.



The best option in this case, as it was mentioned before, is to try a BIOS update to the very latest version of the board, if after that the problem remains, then is because the video card is not compatible with the board.



Also, as you can confirm on the following link, the board is not compatible with Windows® 10:



Just to let you know, I looked for a list of tested peripherals for this board, but the information is not available, let me apologize for that.



Since this is a compatibility situation, there is not much that can be done in order to make them work together.



Any questions, please let me know.